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Hi, I’m Jemmy

If this is your first time here, I joyfully welcome you!

My journal is a little different since there’s no overarching theme besides relevant thoughts that I’m interested in sharing with you .

That means that one day I could write about Why I love Fat People and why you should love them too, then 6 valentines day errors to avoid, I sometimes use my story to support or lift others like in Fear, the last encounter, I could even share a song I wrote.

This is more than just blogs because I’m open to your thoughts and questions as well. I’m also willing to share beautiful realities as far as God’s word is concerned. I’ll do my study, keep notes of my thoughts, and findings and publish it here so you could benefit.

Finally, if you enjoy my content, you definitely should let me know at the comment section each time you do and sharing my post is a great way to help me reach others too.

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